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Lots of Links - Author of Sold Out Warning and Radio Talk Show host

Talk show host, Ronnie McMullen of 'The Prophetic Watch' radio program, reveals and exposes truths that the public needs to be aware of. Fast paced and in your face, Ronnie boldly attacks the issues at hand. What's the agenda? Who are the puppet-masters controlling. . . and why? Ronnie goes where few men dare to go. . .Find out the truth behind the alien/UFO/fallen angel debauchery. Are we being visited? Or were they here first? You decide. Ronnie unveils hidden mysteries and secrets through the many guests he interviews on air. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Here are some comments about the book:
"A fascinating and powerful look at the spiritual side of the alien threat. Sold Out Warning is a riveting, thought provoking journey into the controversial subject of alien abductees. The book is a compelling read." -Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research-

"I have taken the opportunity to read numerous books covering the subjects contained in this book. Most of these authors sidestep the critical spiritual insights provided through proper understanding of the Scriptures. . . His book reverberates with crucial insights for our time." Gary E. Schultz

Editorial Reviews

Book Description

This book is a "smoking gun" to what is really going on underneath the surface! Why has our technology so rapidly increased in the past twenty years? Why are there so many deaths surrounding UFOlogy? If there are no UFO's why do the United States Presidents talk about them? Are the Nephilim really among us in this modern day? Is there anything we can do to prepare for what is coming? Find these answers and more in this shocking expose that will give you the spiritual reason why we have sold our souls for technology.

Excerpt from book: Could a perverted seed be living amongst us in and on this earth? And if so, who is responsible? How did it happen? Why? Why does the government cover up, hide, and deceive every time there is a UFO sighting, or downed spacecraft with eye witnesses? What is the truth and where can one find out about these highly classified top-secret events? I have wondered myself many, many times; could this all be a precursor to a much larger event in the future? An event so huge, so sinister, that it deceives close to all the population? Is it a deception? Maybe it is a very large deception. . . A Grand Deception. These questions and more will hopefully be answered and more in the pages of this book.

To get your copy of this awesome, frightening book go to: Sold Out Warning
My Personal Pick of the BOOK TO READ!

Are UFO really aliens from other planets or fallen angels - A work in progress. It takes months to research and separate the possible truth from the obvious fiction and since I am the only person working on this website it is an even slower process. I have to weigh which of my different sections are more important and it seems this one keeps moving to the bottom of the list. I have added some books that you might be interested in checking out for your own research into the supernatural sighting called UFO's! Thanks!

UFO: The Government Files

Peter Brookesmith

Drawn from a vast archive of previously classified U.S. government material, UFO: The Government Files is a fascinating analysis of official involvement in the UFO phenomenon over the past 50 years. UFO: The Government Files takes an entirely objective view of official involvement in UFOs. Using the information released by or extracted from government agencies, and illustrated with many more actual government documents, this book reveals the true extent of USAF, CIA, and FBI conspiracy and misinformation

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Above Top Secret: The World-Wide UFO Cover-up

Timothy Good

Good is a respected British broadcast journalist and UFO investigator. His main purpose in writing this book is to prove that many national governments continue to suppress information about UFOs that might prove disturbing to the public. Focusing on the post-World War II era, Good includes a large number of worldwide sightings many of which will be new to American readers.

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Dark Mission NASA

Richard C. Hoagland
former science advisor to CBS News, author of The Monuments of Mars, and a frequent guest on the popular radio programs Coast To Coast and The Art Bell Show.
For most Americans, the word NASA suggests a squeaky-clean image of technological infallibility. Yet the truth is that NASA was born in a lie, and has concealed the truths about its occult origins. Dark Mission documents this seemingly wild assertion.

Why is the Bush administration intent on returning to the moon as quickly as possible? What are the reasons for the current "space race" with China, Russia, even India? Remarkable images reproduced within this book provided to author Richard C. Hoagland by disaffected NASA employees provide clues why, including information about suppressed lunar discoveries.

Mystical organizations quietly dominate NASA, carrying out their own secret agendas behind the scenes. This is the story of men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom, operating at the highest levels of our country. Their policies are far more aligned with ancient religions and secret mystery schools than the facade of rational science NASA has successfully promoted to the world for almost fifty years.

Dark Mission is proof of the secret history of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the astonishing, seminal discoveries it has repeatedly suppressed for decades.

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Need To Know

Timothy Good

The facts have continued only to mount over the past six decades in the classified files of military and intelligence agencies worldwide. Pilots the world over have reported incidents with UFOs that have often been accompanied by electrical interference and communications difficulties. UFOs have prompted more secrecy and security-and deception-than any other concern ever on the part of military specialists and intelligence chiefs around the world. An acknowledged authority on the controversial subject of UFOs, and an indefatigable researcher, Timothy Good in this revelatory book tells us what we need to know.

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The Cosmic War

Joseph P. Farrell

The book's premise is that Planet Earth was involved in war at least ten thousand years ago, but more likely much more distant in time from the present. It was a war, a real war, in "heaven" if you like, but very decidedly remembered by most world cultures: Farrell's strength as a researcher is finding nooks and crannies you'd never imagine existed at all, in folklore and biblical accounts of giants, as one example, that, once assembled and placed in a reasonable context, actually support the case for this ancient but galaxy-shattering war.

Farrell is able to include fairly recent and well-vetted research and speculation about pulsars which, placed in context, indicate this war was, from our point of view, almost vast beyond our ability to imagine. Farrell wisely frames it all as technical speculation, but there is no doubt that human prehistory has some real shockers coming. When these shockers start to make the newspapers, I don't doubt they'll look at least something like Farrell's outline indicates.

That aside, THE COSMIC WAR is that greatest of oddities, unabashed speculation that does justice to its subject. With so much "alternative" history, science and religion in the hands of cranks and quacks, this present book is an oasis of sanity and a perfect template for the up and coming researcher who wants to see this sort of thing DONE RIGHT.

The Cosmic War, no more and no less, is the way these subjects should have been handled from the start.

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The New NON-FICTION Book by L.A. Marzulli
Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural

"This present political landscape is in direct correlation to supernatural events that happened, in some cases, millennia ago." L.A. MARZULLI

"The compelling storyteller whose Nephilim Trilogy set the bar for intrigue, suspense, and revelation is back! But this time, best selling author L. A. Marzulli is not talking fiction, and that makes this book the scariest end-times shocker of all. Hold on to your hat, folks, it looks like things are going to get wild!"
Thomas Horn, Radiers News

"Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural is a hard-hitting expose of current events, ancient prophecy, and ongoing supernatural occurrences that if they intersect each other, as Marzulli predicts, startling implications could be in store for every man and woman on earth. L. A. Marzulli has done his homework. "
Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, Author of The Omega Conspiracy

"L. A. Marzulli's perceptive analysis of current events, backed with a concise understanding of scripture and history, has produced a tool for rightly dividing the Bible prophecy so desperately needed in our age... An essential addition to any eschatological library."
David Flynn, Author of Cydonia: Secret Chronicals of Mars

"A hard-hitting expose of what the future may hold. Carefully researched. Definitely provacative. Marzulli has done his homework."
Bill Myers, Author of The Seeing

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L.A. Marzulli

In a spellbinding trilogy that weaves truth, prophecy, fiction, and the author's own shocking research, the Nephilim trilogy by L. A. Marzulli opens with the discovery of a giant skeleton in Jerusalem, the ancient remains of the offspring of a fallen angel and a human woman-a Nephilim, and the beginning of a hybrid lineage whose terror is about to be reborn into the modern world.

Soon, evidence reveals that fallen angels have reemerged on the world scene disguised as aliens, abducting human women for their breeding program, and initiating the biblical Great Deception that culminates with the Anti-Christ, the Alien Gospel, and the Apocalypse.
For more go to his website: Spiral of Life


Two years ago, Art "Mac" Mackenzie was a respected newspaper journalist with a wonderful family and a great future. Now he lives by himself, eking out an existence as a freelance writer. His faith in God, humanity, and virtually everything else is gone. What's left is a pile of bills and the ache of his eldest son's death. Then Mac is assigned to cover the opening of the multi-million-dollar new wing of the Westwood Center, a Los Angeles hospital. On the sixth floor psychiatric ward, a distraught patient has a fantastic tale of how aliens abducted her, impregnated her, and later stole the baby. From her seemingly twisted account, springs a media story with international implications-the story of the century-- and more trouble than Mac has ever imagined.

Skeptical but hot for a story, Mac follows a lead on the story to Israel, where he comes across the remains of one of the Nephilim-- an ancient biblical giant sired by demons and born of human women. Mac's encounter is just the tip of a terrifying supernatural iceberg - for the Nephilim are back on earth. And Mac has stumbled onto their secret.

This engrossing page-turner winds from the Holy Land to the Nevada desert, through mind-numbing dangers and choices that will affect the future of the human race. Just one hope stands between Mac and destruction-- the power of the risen Messiah. But can it save Mac and his children from the evil spiritual forces that spawned the Nephilim? Or fulfill his agonizing quest for meaning and purpose in life?

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The Unholy Deception

The Cadre claims to have Christs body preserved and hidden in an ancient tomb.

For journalist Art Mac Mackenzie, the scenario smacks of an alien agenda. He determines to unearth the truth at any cost. But the Cadre doesnt surrender its secrets easily. Macs former editor, Jim Cranston, has been found wandering among the ruins of Machu Picchu with burns on his body and in a constant state of fear.

Worse yet, General Roswell, Macs inside connection in the secret government-alien cooperative, is dead of cancer. However, Roswell has left behind two potential bombshells: a set of files with far-reaching implications, and a link to the aliens that he has kept secret for years.

With Mac hot on Roswells trail, the Cadre moves forward with its agenda: to convince the world that Jesus was just an ordinary man granted miracle-working powers by the aliens. The Cadre must be stopped before they can publicly unveil the fraudulent body of Christ, an event that could precipitate a global and apocalyptic shock wave. Mac is swept into a race against time in which losing is not an option . . . but winning could cost him all.

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The Revealing

The supposed re-emergence of the Bethlehem Star-a mysterious shining light over Jerusalem-has the world on edge. International political and military events, including Middle Eastern armies amassed at Israel's borders, seem to be culminating in the fulfilment of ancient prophecies found in one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now, due to his work exposing the Antichrist, Cardinal Fiorre is murdered by alien hybrids. All his research is destroyed except for a single diskette, on which he's named the Antichrist.

Former reporter Art "Mac" MacKenzie and his spiritual mentor, Johanen, are plunged into the center of total chaos. They are desperate to try to locate the disk, but a fallen angel and the organization known as the Cadre will kill to get their hands on it first. Meanwhile, Brian Fitzpatrick, a member of a secret government thank tank, has stumbled upon a terrifying conspiracy deep in the bowels of the earth. Escalating wars, disease, famine, and the instability of third world nations prompts the think tank to move its Doomsday clock to midnight.

Threatening war between a confederacy of Arab states against Israel, threads of biblical prophecy, and alien and UFO activity drive this tension-filled story to its thrilling climax… will the human race survive?

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From the Editor: I can't praise the four books by LA Marzulli loudly enough! They are all excellent, well-written, exciting books. I have all four and will never part with them as I plan to read again and refer to them often in my own writing. As I read the three books of the trilogy I kept thinking, "This man is a Christian and he truly believes this is the way it will happen". Sure enough, I had been right on both counts. By the time I had finished the last book of the trilogy his new book, Politics, Prophecy, & the Supernatural had been released. I immediately bought it and read it non-stop. Wow, what a rush, so much truth and it all connected so well with the Bible and what we can see for ourselves in these end times. These are must-read books!